10 reasons why you should choose OshSU

1. Openness, accessibility and high positions in the ratings

Osh State University has been conducting its history since 1939 and has a wealth of experience in training highly qualified specialists. He continues his educational activity on the basis of modern education technologies and demonstrates a high reputation in the Central Asian region. The University is one of the three best classical universities in Kyrgyzstan, who are allowed to pursue a three-level education: bachelor′s, master′s, doctoral PhD and guarantees a European level of educational services. OshSU is an open educational institution, where all conditions are created for conducting a transparent educational process, an objective assessment of students′ knowledge through the use of independent testing centers and the AVN information system, the use of a modular-rating system of knowledge control. It is also important to note that Osh State University is the first in the country to apply and use the latest technologies in the process of admission of entrants, when the entire course of reception of voucher coupons ORT in on-line mode is transmitted on the OshSU website and on monitors installed for public viewing. Now more than 26 thousand people study at the university student′s family, among which there are thousands representatives of the countries of near and far abroad. OshSU is member of all prestigious international university organizations. Today it can be stated with certainty that Osh State University has taken place as a university of the XXI century and, according to a broad public opinion, occupies leading positions in the regional educational space and is developing rapidly.

The site of the university is developed in three languages, meeting modern requirements. (www.oshsu.kg). There are also sites on remote learning technologies (www.distant.ozsh.kg or www.cdo.oshsu.kg), media center (mediacentre.osu) and portal of the university automated system ( www.avn.oshsu.kg).

2. Widespread use in the educational process of the achievements of information technology

The educational process is carried out on the basis of the wide use of modern technologies for teaching and applying the achievements of information technology. The university achieved full automation of the educational process and electronic management.

There is a modular rating system and AVN information system, which provides timely, prompt and objective control of students′ knowledge. AVN is open and accessible to everyone. Anyone can on the site of OshSU see the student′s electronic student′s record and learn about his training.

Three independent testing centers and a center for distance technologies are open and operate at the university. In these centers, basic knowledge of students is monitored, trial tests are conducted, residual knowledge is checked and final tests are conducted on disciplines

One of the first in the country created the necessary conditions for the organization of training on remote technologies. So, there are: "educational portal", providing a connection between the teacher and the student in on-line and off-line modes and the teacher loading the educational and methodological complex in all disciplines; "AVN webinar", providing video lessons between the teacher and the student in on-line mode; electronic library ", providing access to the student for the necessary educational and methodical complex. This system provides the possibility of remote monitoring of students′ knowledge.

The university has an electronic department, an electronic dean′s office and an electronic university. Work is underway to develop e-government.

3. High qualification and professionalism of teachers.

Pride and wealth of OshSU - his highly professional and experienced faculties. Currently, the University employs more than 1,400 teachers, including academicians of the NAS KR-1, Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic -2, members of the Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic and international academies -8, doctors of science and professors - 54, PhDs and associate professors -290 , People′s Artists of the KR-4, People′s Artists of the KR-2, honored figures of education, health, science, sports and culture-13, excellent students of education, culture and health of the KR - more than 280. Leading courses are read and conducted by scholars such famous scientists as an academician Kukuev PK, Alymkulov KA,, professors Karimov SK, Zulpukarov KZ, Matikeev KM, Sopuyev AS, Matieva GM, Kenzhaev Y.G. , Arapov BA, Zhumabaeva TT, Momunaliev SM, Kuldysheva Ch., Nizamiev AN, Kultayev T.Ch., Arstanbekov MA, Sulaimanov Sh., Shatmanov S. and many others. Annually dozens of university teachers pass training and improve their professional training in various foreign universities. Experts from Turkey, China, India, South Korea, and Japan work fruitfully in Osh State University.

5. Real prospects of scientific research.

Student scientific societies operate in order to attract students to research activities at all faculties and subdivisions of the university and research work is carried out (research work of students). Work on scientific essays, course and diploma projects develop the creative abilities of students. Periodically competitions of scientific works of students, student scientific conferences, seminars, round tables are held. The best works of students are published in the scientific journal of the University "Vestnik OshGU". Capable students participate in scientific projects, funded by the university, the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic and various international partners.

Graduates of the university who want to continue their scientific work are trained in the graduate school of Osh State University.

To increase the scientific and professional level of the teaching staff, dissertational councils that function at the university make their own contribution:

- Dissertational council "08.00.05- Economics and management of the national economy". (Chairman-member-correspondent of the NAS of the KR, doctor of economic sciences, professor Kupuev P.K).

- Dissertational council "01.04.07- Physics of condensation state". (Chairman-Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Arapov B.A).

- Dissertation Council "01.01.02 - Differential Equations". (Chairman-member-correspondent of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Alymkulov K.

- Dissertational council on the specialty "Geography". (Chairman - Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Matikeev K.M).

- the dissertational council "01.02.06 - Jurisprudence" was opened. (Chairman - Doctor of Law, Professor Dusenov EE).

OshSU provides services to obtain additional higher education. All interested persons can be trained on the remote form at all faculties of OshSU (except medical, theological, foreign languages ​​and international relations). Also, Osh State University has an institute for continuing education, which provides training for specialists with additional higher education on the basis of secondary specialized and higher education. Training is based on an average special education - 3 years 6 months; on the basis of higher education-2 years 6 months. The Institute of Continuing Education offers the following areas / specialties in the 2015/2016 academic year:

521603. Finance and credit

521604. Accounting, analysis and audit

521401. Jurisprudence

540301. Kyrgyz language and literature

540303. Russian Language and Literature

540605. Pedagogy and methods of primary education

540102. Biology;

540203. Informatics.

At the end of the training period, graduates receive diplomas on higher education of the established state sample.

7. A broad opportunity to participate in international programs, training and internships in foreign universities.

Close contacts have been established with international organizations, educational programs and projects. Students of Osh State University participate in various joint projects and as a result, hundreds of students from Osh State University annually receive training or internships at various universities in the near and far abroad. So students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​periodically go to study in universities in Germany, England and the United States. Future economists and financiers within the framework of Ednet, Tempus, USAID programs increase their knowledge in European universities. Students and young specialists from Osh State University take an active part in the programs of the Indian government ITEC and ICCR and undergo internships and study in the master′s program of the leading universities in India. Various programs and projects operate in the universities of China, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, where the students of the Faculty of International Relations, Confucius Institute are trained. Participation in international projects is available, only interest and knowledge of foreign languages ​​is needed.

8. Bright student life.

Student years are not just lectures, practical classes and seminars. this is bright student holidays, festivals, themed evenings, discos, competitions, sports competitions. Student youth are involved in public activities through the bodies of student self-government. Students′ interests are expressed and organized by student committees and trade union organizations. All conditions for the realization of creative and public activity of students are created in Osh State University. There are KVN, choreographic collectives, vocal and instrumental ensembles, theater studio, sports sections and clubs, creative associations and interest clubs. The traditional became "Dedication to students", "Golden middle", "The last bell". At the same time, among the students there are competitions "Miss OshGU", "Mister OshGU", etc. Student life is periodically reflected in the university newspaper "Nur" and the releases of the TV studio "Umut".

Particular attention in the branch is given to the formation of a healthy lifestyle of student youth. Students participate in international, republican, regional competitions.

Among the students of the university there are famous athletes participating in the Asian Games and various international tournaments.

In the university there is a system of encouraging students who have high results in educational, scientific, practical, educational, social activities:

9. Modern material and technical base.

OshU has 21 educational buildings, 8 student hostels, a hotel for foreign teachers, 15 sports complexes, including an artificial football field, two football fields with a natural lawn and a tennis court. At the same time, 13 food outlets function for students.

In order to improve the quality of medical services and conduct extensive preventive work among the population of the region, the construction of a medical clinic of Osh State University, which is scheduled for delivery in October 2014, has begun. Strengthening the material and technical base through attracting investment is one of the University′s achievements over the past two years:

- In 2013, under the USAID grant totaling $ 100,000, 80 computers, 2 servers, 16 laptops, 6 UPS, 16 scanners for reading barcodes were purchased.

- In 2012-2013, the PRC allocated 300 thousand rubles as a grant. thousands of US dollars for the opening and equipping of the Confucius Institute. Currently, 102 students study at the institute.

- An agreement was signed on the opening of a new technology at the OshGU of the Kyrgyz-Indian Center for the amount of 1 million US dollars. The work goes according to plan.

- In 2013, a grant from the European Union was received in the amount of 87 thousand US dollars for upgrading postgraduate medical education.

- An agreement has been reached with the Turkish Diyanet Wakfa Foundation on the construction of two separate hostels for boys and girls and one educational building of the Lyman Lyceum.

At the disposal of students are the electronic library of OshGU, libraries of faculties, reading rooms, specialized classrooms and laboratories. Its services are provided by the Media Center, three independent information technology centers, a distance learning center

equipped with modern computer and office equipment.

In recent years 655 computers, 65 printers, 125 copiers, 74 projectors, 40 interactive whiteboards and 46 TVs have been purchased or received in the form of a grant.

On the internal LAN, teachers and students are provided with free high-speed Internet. In addition, Wi-Fi systems are installed in all educational buildings and dormitories.

10. Objective and complete information about the institution.

Osh State University is always open for communication.

The site of the university is developed in three languages, meeting modern requirements. (www.oshsu.kg). There are also sites on remote learning technologies (www.distant.ozsh.kg or www.cdo.oshsu.kg), media center (mediacentre.osu) and portal of the university automated system (www.avn.oshsu.kg).

Aesthetic and actual design of the information space of the university through the sites of the university, faculties, departments, regular coverage of activities allow you to be aware of the life of Osh State University, to cooperate with students, graduates and future applicants.

OshGU is your future guarantee of success and prosperity!